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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Steel Buildings' Direct shipping policy?

Steel Buildings Direct offers FREE shipping to nearly all destinations within Canada and the US.  An additional shipping cost will be added for orders to remote areas. Shipping will be confirmed prior to any charges being made.

What is the final product I'm ordering?

When you order a steel building from Steel Buildings Direct you will receive one end wall, industrial base plates and a framing kit. The front wall will be supplied by the customer to allow for greater customization to suit the end need. 

Why is it more economical to build with Steel than Traditional Brick or Wood?

Steel is stronger, more readily available, recyclable, and is not susceptible to issues such as warping, rot, fire or termites like wood. A steel building will last considerably longer and is virtually maintenance-free.  Furthermore, it takes less time to produce and install a steel building, which translates into reduced labor costs and speedy occupation time.

What can steel buildings be used for?

Steel is so flexible and versatile that it can be used for virtually any building application imaginable.  If you can dream it, we can build it using steel.

What are the benefits of building with Steel?

Steel structures are strong, sustainable and can be built quickly at a low cost.  Here are some of the other key benefits:

  • Lighter and stronger than wood (very useful for areas prone tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters)
  • Able to withstand high wind loads (because it can bend without breaking)
  • Reduced on-site time & construction
  • Ability to support extremely long spans in structures and open-bay footprints without intermediate columns.
  • All steel construction eliminates maintenance associated with rot and warping.
  • Higher strength to weight ratio than wood
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fire and termite resistant.
How are building prices calculated

Prices for all steel building models are based in part on your governing building code requirements for

  • Snow load
  • Wind load
  • Use category
  • Site exposure conditions
  • Seismic zone (if applicable)
  • Your steel building specifications and design requirements.
  • Your foundation connection preference.
Do I need a foundation for a steel building?

Yes, a typical foundation for these structures is a floating slab.

Do I need a building permit?

Every municipality and township differs, but for the most part, it’s important for you to check.

What kind of maintenance can I expect?

Steel buildings are virtually maintenance free.

How long will it take to receive my building?

Most buildings can be delivered within 8 weeks depending on where you live and the level of customization required.

Can you add on to a building at a later date?

Of course, a big benefit of building with steel is that it is well suited for modular construction, and can be expanded on at a later date to fit your growing needs.

What is the 30 year Rust Perforation Warranty?

The thirty year rust perforation warranty is as follows:

The steel building manufactured from AZ180 Galvalume steel sheet will not perforate within a period of 30 years after shipment from the factory due to exposure to normal atmospheric corrosion.

Steel Buildings Direct will replace any component that does not conform but is not liable for cost of labour or consequential damages due to such non-conforming.

 Please refer to all warranty disclaimers provided in the spec sheet.

What is clear span construction?

'Clear Span' is an architectural term used to describe the distance between the two inside surfaces of the span supports. It means that there are no interior posts or beams, so the inside of the building is totally open and clear. If you have need in your steel building design for a wide space that is clear of posts and beams, then a clear span design is the choice for you.

What makes Steel Buildings more energy efficient?

Structural steel buildings are good insulators for heat and cold. This enables them to contain heat during winters and simultaneously keep the temperatures low during summers. As the temperatures are maintained in a structural steel building, it helps save the energy used for heating or cooling whatever is inside.

What makes Steel Buildings more environmentally Friendly?

More than 85% of steel is recycled, and steel doesn’t lose quality each time it is recycled.  Steel is durable, renewable, long lasting and produces less waste than other construction materials.

How does Steel compare to Wood in traditional construction?

Steel is lighter, more versatile and durable than wood, making it the ideal building material for many projects.  Some other key advantages of steel:

  • It has the highest strength to weight ratio of any construction material.
  • Steel is the most recycled material on the planet and readily available.
  • Steel is fire and termite-resistant, wood is not.
  • Steel construction produces less waste.
Are steel buildings built to code?

Yes, all Steel Buildings Direct buildings are built to your governing building code.

Can steel tolerate high temperatures?

Yes, with the addition of spray-on fireproofing, steel buildings can sustain high temperatures and provide additional safety.

Are steel buildings a good choice for seismic zones?

Yes, steel buildings are recommended for areas prone to tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters because steel is lighter and stronger than wood and able to withstand high wind loads (because it can bend without breaking).

Can I insulate my steel building?

Yes, insulation is a great way to make your steel building even more energy efficient. All steel buildings have natural insulating properties, but adding more insulation can dramatically increase just how efficiently your building handles energy, absorbing and retaining more heat in the winter and maintaining cooler temperatures in the summer months.