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ALPHA Models

Best-Selling Model! Perfect for Use in a Broad Range of Applications

The Alpha steel building is our best-selling model and is perfect for  use in a  broad  range of applications.  It is commonly used  for storage, on-site offices, retail outlets, free-standing garages, workshops and mechanic shop applications. The Alpha is suitable for use as a permanent or portable structure and can be dismantled and relocated as required.


Material Manufactured of tough 14 to 24 gauge AZ180 galvalume steel (comes with a 30 year warranty)
Design Clear span - no interior posts. 
Roof Slope Approx. 4:12 roof pitch
Roof Peaked roof.
Walls Straight sided, 90 degree angle at the base. 
Available Sizes Standard sizes range from 20’ wide to 40’ wide with varying center heights and unlimited lengths. Variance sidewall clearance heights available as well.

ALPHA Models

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